PP Self-Adhesive Bag-Destruction Bag

Multifine Plastics provides you with a variety of customized PP self-adhesive bags-destruction bags, such as PP self-adhesive bags-destruction bags (PP-C1-3), PP self-adhesive bags-destruction bags (PP-C1-2), PP self-adhesive bags-destruction bags Sticky bag-destruction bag (PP-C1-1), etc., destruction glue / express bag / one-time use. Professional supply of various PE zipper bags for domestic and overseas sales, and can design different sizes and thicknesses according to customer needs.

The company's products are not only of good quality, but also pay attention to the exquisite and accurate printing. We are convinced that it can meet your high-quality needs. You are welcome to write or call us!


PP Self-Adhesive Bag-Destruction Bag(PP-C1-3)

Material: PP destruction bag.
1. Print product LOGO and precautions.
2. Destroy the glue/express bag/one-time use​.

PP Self-Adhesive Bag-Destruction Bag(PP-C1-2)

Material: PP self-adhesive bag.
1. Print company name and matters needing attention.
2. Self-adhesive bag / can be pasted repeatedly​.

PP Self-Adhesive Bag-Destruction Bag(PP-C1-1)

Material: PP express bag.
1. Print the company name.
2. Destroy the glue/courier bag​.